About Magiline Pools

Magiline Pool of France is a leading swimming pool designer and manufacturer making custom swimming pools that are made unique with custom design specifications. Their rich experience in manufacturing swimming pools have enabled them to achieve a high level of expertise and dominance in making swimming pools that can be custom-built as per your wishes. They have incorporated innovation and technology to make aesthetically pleasing swimming pools that can be easily installed and offer a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment. They are the patented inventor of iMAGI – fully automated, smart swimming pool, which lets you control your swimming pool with a touch of a button. They have installed more than 40000 swimming pools in more than 27 countries since 1994.

Advantages of Magiline Pools

  • MAGILINE pools are totally insensitive to water and damp (rot-proof polymer panels filled with reinforced concrete). They withstand every type of soil, even acidic.
  • MAGILINE comes with a unique Pipeless Filtration System that eliminates a need for a plant room.
  • MAGILINE swimming pools are maintenance-carefree.
  • MAGILINE are extremely ecological pools.
  • MAGILINE pools use 80% recycled material which is incorporated into the structure.
  • MAGILINE is the ideal Solution for Small and Medium Residential pools.
  • MAGILINE are made to measure, customizable and independent swimming pools.
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